Monday, October 25, 2010


I really liked the way the Merry Christmas banner I made earlier turned out. I have been wanting to make a Happy Halloween and a Thankful one since then. I have been so busy with my club class on Thursday and Christmas Card Stamp a Stack class on Saturday that I haven't really had a chance to make them. Well, last night I finally sat down to play and I decided that I would make the Happy Halloween next year since it's almost here and wouldn't get much display time this year anyway. I just moved right on to the Thankful banner. I decided to use some old coasters I had and used those for this one. I just covered each coaster with some Autumn Spice DSP and then used my leaves die cut and Serif letters to make this one. Below, I have close ups of each of the letters so you can see how I decorated each letter. These are really fun to make. Go make one for yourself tonight.

Edited to add: Yeah, I know the N is missing. It was there when I started this post, then when I was lining up the pictures ..... just disappeared. It was my favorite letter too.
I am too tired tonight to fix it, so I will just post the N tomorrow.
It will get it's own little post.....
Thanks for peeking in today. Have a wonderful day.

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