Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the mail New Catty Swap...

Like I didn't have enough swaps to make for convention, I went and signed up for some in the mail swaps. Silly me!!! I love to get new ideas from others, and figured what better way to do it than with swaps. So, that was the meaning to my madness. These are the two different cards I made for these swaps. I got both of these ideas ..... yep from convention....I got this cute card idea from Carol Seitz. You can see her blog here. It uses the cute Level 2 hostess set Cute by the Inch.
I had to make 6 of each card. I will then get 5 different cards back and then the lady that hosts the swap gets to keep the other card. I think that's a fair deal.
This is the other cute card I made for the same swap. I just signed up for 2 spots. I got this adorable idea when we went and visited the home office in Riverton. Oh my gosh, what a fun place. Guess where my camera was on that day???? Yep, on my bed in the hotel room....what was I thinking????? I used my camera phone to capture some of the photos I just had to have. This card was one of them. I like it because it is simple and cute.
Again, I had to make 6 total. I'm really excited to see what I get back. When they arrive in the mail, I will post them and share with you.
I think I am going to make more of this card for friends. It's just tooooo cute.
Thanks for peeking in.
Have a great day.


  1. It's fun to get a package of cards in the mail! I've participated in a couple of card swaps and have also done scrapbook page swaps. I signed up for three spots on the current one on, but thankfully I have until mid-September to get them mailed off to the hostess. I look forward to seeing what you get back in return!

  2. I love how you used the curly label punch on the top card, I have that punch but am never really sure on where to use I have a great idea. Thanks

  3. LOVE the curly label punch as a window. Very cute!!

    Found you through SC

  4. Hi Andrea. I'm so tickled that you liked my card enough to CASE. What fun that I found your blog through a swap. I'll be checking back to see what you're up to.