Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursdays club projects and a baby picture

How cute is this little gingerbread house?
We learned how to make a house similar to this one at Convention and I've been waiting to share it with my club girls, and finally got the chance. I wanted mine to be more of a gingerbread house than the one we saw at Convention, so I changed a few things.
And you just lift up the lid and you can put all kinds of yummy treats in there for gifts for neighbors, coworkers, friends, whomever you see fit. It was really easy to make too. I have next week off from work for Thanksgiving, so I will put together a tutorial for this and post it here soon.
Then we also made these cute little stocking holders. We also learned this cute little box idea at convention. This Noel one isn't the one we made on Thursday. I just wanted to show the girls that you could bling it up a little and how cute it would be.
This is the one we actually made. I loved it and so did the girls. We ran the real red cardstock through the snowburst embossing folder before putting it together, and it gives it such a fun texture and look.
This is a view from the top, so you can see that we used the box #2 die for the middle to hold little treats. You just flip the box on it's side, and cut off what becomes the top of the box.
Here is a side view. If you look really close at the stockings themselves, you will see that we sandwiched two pieces of real read cardstock in between the white piece of cardstock that comes in the DSP package. It helps to give it some stability.
And then here's a close up of the box and decorations that we added to it.
What a fun little box this was to make too.We also made a cute little Santa topper for the new 1" x 8" cello bags filled with M&M's. I will have to post that another time with the tutorial, because it was just adorable.
Speaking of adorable, I just had to share an updated picture of my newest grandson.
Check out those cheeks!!! Those cheeks are for kissing!!!!
He's getting so big so fast. I can't believe that he is already 7 weeks old.
Thanks for peeking in today.
Have a wonderful day today.
I took the day off work to go see the new Breaking Dawn movie.
I had a friend go last night and she said it is the best one yet, so I'm excited.

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