Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

This month I wanted to make some more of those cute hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works, but I wanted them to open from the side, not the top like I've previously made from a wonderful tutorial from Erica Cerwin.
So, I sat down and did a little math.....not my favorite part of crafting...hahahaha...and I came up with a new pattern to open from the side. I was so proud of myself, that I figured it out on my own and didn't copy someone else.....which is what I do best....hehehehe
And here is what I came up with.Here it is opened up. I still need to decorate the inside a little, but I was so excited to share it. I'll do the inside later.
You can see here that I popped up the scallop with dimensionals so that the flap I adhered can be tucked behind it to keep it closed.
Okay be nice to me here.....this is a very rough draft of my dimensions. Also, keep in mind that I am not computer literate in many ways. I don't know how to throw in all kinds of arrows and whatnot on my pictures. I can, however, take a picture and post it, and that makes me happy
Hopefully this will help explain the dimensions I used and how to make it. The bold lines are cut lines, and the dotted lines are score lines. It starts with a 8 1/2" x 6 3/4" piece of cardstock.
If this makes no sense, and you need more directions, you can leave a comment or email me directly and I will try my best to help more.
Thanks for peeking in.
Have a great day.

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