Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lucy's other scrapbook....

This scrapbook I made for my new granddaughter .... still waiting to be born...but 4 days late so far...ahh but who's counting??? {That would be me...the anxious and excited grandma} ha ha ha
Anyway, this scrapbook doesn't hold as many pictures as the one I just posted....see previous post...but I still like it. This was made with 2 envelopes....fun huh? Here is the inside....and notice the little notches...
Well....peeking inside there are some pull out pages for more pictures. Cute huh?
I got this idea from that UStamp group I joined, and you'll never guess who the designer was???? Yep, Becky Roberts, my absolute favorite. She does such fun things.
So, hopefully Lucy gets here soon, or grandma will have a dozen different scrapbooks of her.

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  1. Andrea this is a beautiful present. I love the colors too...yummy