Monday, April 5, 2010

Stationary Box

If there's anyone out there still peeking in on my blog, have you noticed I haven't posted lately? I have been a busy little girl in my craft room. First, I want to show you the super cute Stationary Box I made. I got the directions from UStamp. I saw this and fell in love and had to make one. I'm thinking we need to make one of these for a stamp camp here soon. This is what it looks like opened up. How cute is it? It has two drawers. One on the top to hold cards, and the bottom drawer pulls out and holds envelopes. Or, you could use it for anything you wanted to actually.
This is a picture with all the cards I made to go inside. Such a fun project. What a great gift this would make.
I have also been busy making all those "freebies" everyone earned from stamp club.
This is only 6 of the 11 that I had to make. It was fun to make them for my customers, and hope they like them.
I'm just giving you a sneak peek at one of them. This is what it looks like on both sides....
This is it opened....The notepad is velcroed in so it can be removed for easy writing. Inside the pocket holds 4 envelopes for the 4 cards in the pockets on the outside.
Here are the four cards made with one of the notecards peeking out so you could see how it works. I got this idea from the one and only amazing Becky Roberts. You should check out her blog shes so talented. I stalk her blog....he he he
Have a great day and thanks for peeking in today.

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