Thursday, June 24, 2010

Possible convention swaps....

Why do I let little things like convention swaps stress me out so much???? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Everyone says you need "lots" of swaps at convention, the more you have, the more you come home with. Makes sense. My problem, is I want to get a jump start on them, and am limited to what I can do, because you can only use new items.....well, unless you didn't notice, just about all the ribbon in the old catalog is being retired....puts me in quite a dilemna since I am a big ribbon user. Not to mention all the DSP is being retired as well. So, I have been playing with paper to come up with some ideas.
This, I think, will definetly be "one" of my cards. I was actually happy with this one.
I have a few more I came up with and will post them later.
What do you think? Should I use it?
Thanks for peeking in.
Have a wonderful day today.

1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful!
    Don't stress about swaps. Any idea is a new idea and that is good. There are some snobs but just let them roll off your back. Most people are fabulous.