Saturday, September 17, 2011

I have been a busy girl.....

I have been a busy girl getting ready for today. We had a really super fun upline meeting today, and I was asked to make a display of Christmas things we saw at Convention. So, I have been busy getting ready for that, not to mention that I have gone back to work again. It takes me some time to readjust to being on a schedule and getting up and being somewhere at a certain time again....hahahahaha

So, I have for you today, the detailed pictures of the last blog post.....what was that.... like 2 weeks ago????

The front cover. I decided to make my book a recipe book for Christmas. So, each day in December we can make a new Christmas recipe. I think it will be lots of fun. My girls LOVED this idea, so I just might make them one too. The first day, is just an envelope with the flap cut off. You decorate the front of the envelope any way you would like, then inside slides a 5 1/2"x3 1/2" decorated paper that I will write the recipe on.
Here's a view with the inside pulled out.

Day two is a piece of vellum cut 5 1/2" x 4" and I stamped some snowflakes and embossed them. I added the "two" with some of the glitter paper.

You flip back the vellum piece, and you find a piece of designer series paper with some white on top to write your recipe.

Day 3 is a piece of cardstock cut at 5 1/2" x 9 1/2" scored at 2" and 6 1/2" and it folds to be this cute little booklet thing. It has a cute little closure on the front. You can't see it very well, but it is stamped and embossed on the front too.

Then when you open it up, it looks like this inside. This is the inside of 8 because I forgot to take a picture of #3, but they are the same inside.

Then 4 is another envelope again with the flap cut off.

It also has a little piece that comes out that will have a recipe on it soon.

For day 5, I took apart an envelope and used it as a template to cut an envelope out of DSP. Then I just decorated the front, and added a little piece that will slide out to hold a recipe.

I added that punched out circle and added a button to give me something to grab to pull it out easily.
Then I have added the pictures for 6-10, but you will see that it is just a repeat of 1-5.

And you just keep repeating the steps until you get to 25. It was soooo much fun to make, but I will say that it took some time.

So, now go make one of your own.

I will have some pictures of our fun meeting today for you tomorrow.

Thanks for peeking in.

Have a wonderful day.

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  1. THAT is a fabulous idea!! Thanks for sharing all the info! :)