Monday, August 2, 2010

More Convention Fun....

These are totally out of order, but you will still see all the fun we had. On Friday night we (all those in my upline that were at convention) got together for dinner and games....the fun thing is it was my birthday that day. I didn't want anyone to know because I don't like a lot of attention. But it was nice to be with a bunch of fun people for "my birthday dinner". Our table was a hoot. We got to laughing so hard, I thought I was going to pee my pants. Such a fun group of people. This is the other half of our group. Standing there is Lis. She was the one who headed this party up. She is my second upline....Interesting trivia....the pretty blonde lady she is standing by....her demonstrator number is #1. She was the first one to sign up to be a demonstrator. Crazy huh? I guess she is Shelly Gardner's Aunt. What a super nice lady she is too. All these ladies were fun. I love job being a demonstrator because you get to meet so many people and make some really great new friends.
This is Lis getting ready to start the games. I won the door prize, and tied for first place on the game. Happy Birthday to me. I did give one of the prizes to my new BFF Chris.
This is a picture of the convention center. You can see ladies just sitting down with their swaps laid out. People would walk by and see their swaps and then if they liked their card, they would swap with them. It was fun to watch and participate in. Some people are hard core.
This was one of the classes Stampin Up offered. It was so well organized. I have to tell you that Stampin Up knows how to do things right. At this class we were given 5 preprinted cardstocks with all the color groups listed. We went around the tables and for each color that Stampin Up has right now, we added a piece of cardstock, stamped a design with that color stamp pad, and scribbled a little mark with the marker for that color. Now we have a nice little sample of all the colors and what they look like. I will have to take a picture of mine and show you. It is awesome, and was fun to make.
This is a picture of some adorable curtains that were made with the new fabric line that is coming out in the Holiday Mini Catalog. They had this little kitchen all decorated so cute. I can't wait to show everyone the fabric and all the wonderful things they taught us to do with it.
This was another cute little corner they did to demonstrate the stencils they sell. This really was a darling little corner. Made me want to go home and paint and stencil a room in my house. You can see how they even took the stencil and made a cute little highlight above the mirror. The picture board was done up really cute too. They used the new ribbon in the catalog and the Vintage Brads to put it together. I just wanted that pillow in the chair....hahaha
My little grandson is really into Elmo right now, so I had to get this picture. Isn't he cute? Just done with punches and dies. I love it.
More pictures of my with my roommate and the blonde one with antenne is Sue. She was in the room next to us, and was nice enough to pick us up from the airport...since she drove instead of flew in.
I had so much fun with this lady. Chris is really a sweet, sweet lady. We are already planning on rooming together again next year. If anyone wants to make fun new friends, just let me know, because being a demonstrator will do that for you. I would love to have you join us next year. You can never have too many friends.
I could share posts of pictures from convention for weeks, but I won't. I have a few more I want to share and then I'll spare you the rest.
Thanks for peeking in again today.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Wow. Looks like FUN!
    Still getting through the list.
    Newest follower from SC. Hope you follow me too.

  2. :) Love it!
    So, here at scout camp, crazy enough, met a scout master who works for Stampin' Up! and he showed me a few pics on his phone of convention! How nuts is that?! :D
    And what a fun way to spend your birthday!! Happy Birthday!