Thursday, August 5, 2010

What a fun company to work for....

So, not only did I feel "loved" at convention from Stampin Up and all the freebies they gave us, but I just found here.

You just have to go and check it out. Every year at convention they have a new theme and theme song. These are the people that work at the home office.....which is an amazing place to's beautiful and fun. They are actually dancing to the the theme song inside the place where they work....yes, that beautiful rock fountain in the foreground is inside the building. We got to tour this place, and I was soooo in love. They had a room which was 3 walls of just dry erase boards....the idea room....and they had us leave them messages. My message went something like this...."I'm from Anaheim and they say we have the "Happiest Place On Earth"....they are sorely mistaken....this IS theHappiest Place On Earth. Too bad the commute would be horrible, it would be a fun place to work that's for sure.

Enjoy the video, and plan to smile. I did!!!


  1. I’m following you from SC and I can’t wait to check back to see your creations!

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. It's so cool!
    I'm following you from SC. Hope you'll join my blog too!

  3. I just heard this song today for the first time - great video! :)