Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wedding Wishes....

I'm still working on my card stash and love that is growing.  One card that I never seem to have around when I need one is a wedding card.  I realize that at most weddings we are given PLENTY of notice to have our acts together enough to purchase a gift and make a nice card.  Oh, not me, I seem to like to put it off until I'm panicking and need it NOW!!!
I saw this fun card a while back and loved the little corner details on it, and knew I needed to add this card to my stash. 
I made this one in Marina Mist, and then was going to make 3 more in different colors....but alas....that didn't happen.  So, the next 4 weddings I go to will get a blue card no matter what their colors are.....(insert big grin here)
 I had to add some cute details to the inside too.
 These were fun and fairly easy to make too.
Well, I should be a grandma again most likely by tomorrow.  My daughter in law went into the hospital early this morning and was sent home, much to her disappointment.  She is dialated to a 4, but is not effaced.  They are walking even as I type this to try to help things along.
I'm very excited to meet my new little grandson here soon.
I will keep you posted and add a picture when there is a picture to share.

Thanks for peeking in today.
Have a wonderful day.

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