Saturday, August 20, 2011

How about a matching card for that cupcake throne

So, two posts ago, I showed you these cute little cupcake thrones that we made at club Thursday night. Well, I got to thinking, why not make a matching card to go with that cute little cupcake throne, so here it is. It just looks soooo much better with a yummy cupcake holding it I must say. I added a matching cupcake pick as well. Sometimes matchy matchy is good, and sometimes not so much. This time, it's good!!!
And then here is the matching card. When you already have the stuff out to make the cupcake throne, this cards makes up really fast and easy. Now, who shall I give this yumminess and cuteness too????

If it's your birthday today or soon, then Happy Birthday to you!

Thanks for peeking in today.

See you tomorrow for a cute little Halloween treat I made.

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