Sunday, July 17, 2011

Home and totally exhausted...: )

I have a few photos from Convention to show you how much fun it was. Tomorrow I will have pictures of some of the fun projects we got to see.....but for now....

I wanted to show you how close we stayed to the Convention Center this year. This picture was taken from the outside elevator of our hotel. We are literally right across the street. And here is a picture of our hotel as we walk out of the Convention doors. I can't tell you how nice that was to be so close. Stampin Up gave us a lot of free stuff and some of it got heavy after awhile, all I had to do was run ..... well maybe not run.....walk across the street and drop it off and just head back for more......greedy huh? hahahaha Sometimes I waited in line to use the restroom longer than if I had just gone back to the hotel room.....hahahahaha
Then, just to give you an idea of how many "crazy" women were there.....I took a picture of the masses as we were coming out of the general session and heading for some lunch. I got up the escaltor and took a picture from one side......

.....and then turned around and took another picture of the other side. Lots of ladies huh????? And we were all there because we LOVE to stamp and play with paper. I met a lot of super nice, super friendly people, and then there were those not as learn to just ignore those ones after awhile. But, it really was a blast.Here I am all excited because I just won a wonderful treasure. It is a brand new ..... wonderful .... tool that Stampin Up will start selling in the Holiday Mini Catalog, and I got mine for free. It is called a Simply Scorer......and yes, it is way better than any scoring tool out there on the market. Anyone wanna buy my old Scor Pal? hahahahha

It was very exciting to win that particular prize. Woo Hoo for me. I even made it on the YouTube Convention 2011 highlight You Tube debut. : )

Every year Stampin Up has a theme, and this year's theme was GROW!!! This was the main stage and me and my BFF Chris Twardowski took our pictures in front of it before our class started. It looks really fun in person.

Here is a picture of the girls I hung out with. Me on the end, Chris, new friend, and Sue. This was the last day and the last general session, and we are all absolutely exhausted.

We even had this cute little guy in our group. He is 7 weeks old and I'm sure the youngest attendee at Convention. He was sooooo good.

Here are more of our group at the kick off party on Wednesday night. The theme was Flower Party, that is why Sue has a flower on her head. Let me tell you, some of those ladies got crazy with their garden party hats....

Then on Friday night we try to get together for dinner at the Olive Garden. These are the ones who were able to make it. It was good food, and great company.

These are just a few of the pictures of some of the fun we had while there. I have to say that 3 years ago I peeked into peoples blogs that went to Convention and saw how much fun they had, and thought I want to go to that. So, almost 3 years ago I became a Stampin Up demonstrator so I could go to Convention. It is soooooo much fun and worth the time and money. If anyone is one the fence about becoming a demonstrator, or wants to make lots of new friends with fun people, you should become a demonstrator and come with me next year. You won't regret it.

Tomorrow I will have pictures of samples and not bore you with my own personal pictures.....well maybe a few more....hahahaha

Thanks for peeking in.

Have a great day.


  1. It looks like so much fun!!! Congrats on the SU "score pal" - can't WAIT to see the new mini!

  2. I love your convention pics! I've only been able to go once (even tho I only live 90 mins away!!!!) and I agree with what you said about all of it. TOTALLY worth it! :) Thanks for sharing!! :)